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Every piano is deserving of the best tuning possible.  Why?  Because a piano only sounds its best when the tuning precisely matches its own unique string scaling.


From the home to the concert hall, every piano we service undergoes a thorough process of pitch stabilization and fine tuning, followed by a lengthy play-test to musically verify and refine the tuning. The process is the same whether you own a 9-foot grand piano or a 36” spinet, giving musicians at all levels the opportunity to enjoy their piano to its fullest potential.



Simply defined, voicing is the shaping of a piano’s own unique voice, or tone quality.  Felt piano hammers need regular care from the day they leave the factory in order to develop and maintain a warm, vibrant tone in your piano.


Voicing is a highly skilled art, and unfortunately, most pianos never receive the voicing care they deserve.  However, with proper voicing, you can extend the life of your piano’s hammers and enjoy rich, beautiful tone every time you sit down to play.


Touch Regulation

After many hours of use, the piano’s action mechanism requires periodic adjusting in order to maintain a responsive touch.  Similar to an automobile’s steering system, a piano’s action gradually becomes sluggish and loses its sensitivity to your touch as the action parts undergo normal wear.


While concert pianos are regulated weekly for optimum performance, most pianos will benefit greatly from some basic regulating every 5 to 10 years to keep the action functioning like new.  You’ll be thrilled to find that your piano can once again be musically responsive and fun to play!



When your piano is need of repair, we cannot stress enough the importance having a certified piano technician service your instrument.  Proper repair techniques are essential to maintaining the long-term performance of your piano.


Common repairs include:

  • Broken strings

  • Sticking or sluggish keys

  • Loose or disconnected pedals

  • Broken or slugglish hammers

  • Pedal squeaks

  • Bench repairs

  • Chipped ivory keytops



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